Sophia Hayat


On Men: I do like a nerd and I love being with men who know more than me. Especially someone who can teach me something. Though I already know a lot!

On being with a cricketer: It would have to be Rohit Sharma. He’s both sexy and cute and most importantly, he never takes his eye off the ball, which means he pays attention.

On flirting: If I go for something or someone, I generally get it. I am very picky and a man with experience goes a long way. Sensuality wins me over, and as far as flirting is concerned, I don’t need to do that. But generally most men that I have dated, I have come on to first…

On girls hitting on her: Yes, I have been hit on by girls a number of times. And no, I don’t think all girls are closet lesbians, but I think every girl has wanted to or has tried it at least once.

On aphrodisiacs: Depends what the aphrodisiac is. For me a man has to be his own aphrodisiac. Teasing is the secret to good sex. Make me want it rather than hand it to me on a plate.

On one night stands: Well, I have to really like the guy physically first. Then he has to have wit and intelligence, which is important even for a one night stand. Or he just has to look cute and not talk at all. And  to get lucky, well as I said, it’s ladies choice, so be a gentleman to start with and then be a tiger!

On her secret ‘sex’ song: I love Rihanna’s song S&M. It always gets me in the right mood.

On how she spent her last Valentine’s Day: I spent it at home because I had to wake up at 4am to fly to Delhi to promote my upcoming movie. Boring, I know, but I would have much rather have spent it in the arms of a special man. None in my life so far, though my Twitter fans kept me all cosy.

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