6 reasons to watch Suits

01. Cliffhanger! 
Oh, we hate cliffhangers! But this is the only reason we wait for the next episode of our favourite TV show. Suits doesn’t disappoint in this aspect too. There are a lot of episodes where you want to kill the director for leaving the scene midway. But when you see the next episode you find it amazing how they dealt with the problem! There are a lot of flashbacks to give you a background of the things happening now. 


02. Harvey Specter
Yes, that’s the number one reason. Harvey is the epitome of philosophy and his ‘Specter’isms is a handbook of clichés in this world where people are ready to kill each other for success. Harvey teaches us that if you can get your shit together, have goals instead of dreams and if you can break the god damn wall when your back is up against it, you could be Harvey Spectre too. 


03. Complex characterisation 
No character is good or bad. All of them want power and for that, they will go to any extent. Aren’t we the same in real life? Yes, that’s why we all relate to Suits. Nobody is perfect on the show, they all have their flaws, mistakes and misjudgements. Imagine Harvey on another show. The guy is a successful jerk who we would root against. But not in Suits. He is the humanitarian here despite the I-don’t-give-fuck attitude.


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