5 best theatre actors of Bollywood

When somebody takes the name of Bollywood, for instance, minds of Indians get attentive just because of some of the wonderful performances by the Bollywood celebrities. Each and every movie gives fun and interesting element to their audience. Some sprinkle magic through their beauty, fashion, style, and some through their genuine dialogue delivery.


Genuine acting is something that makes the movie hit and audience thrilled. People love watching the movie as a reality. But why did people use to see Nukad Natak? Because it was a drama which used to act in reality. Slowly and steady the format of entertainment has changed and now everything is on screen.  Only the theater actors can spin that onscreen reality charm because they come from the physical performance background which is known as theater.


So here are the best Bollywood theater actors which are not just actors but wonderful artists.


1 Irrfan Khan

From east to west, Irrfan Khan is one of the best actors of his lifetime. It also acclaimed by the critics and audience all over the world that Irfan Khan’s acting is genuine and real.



2 Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazzuddin applies all his theater elements in his Bollywood movies and you can see where he is today.



3 Manoj Bajpayee

With a deep sense of calmness, the acting of Manoj Bajpayee in every role works wonder. His style is so natural that be it negative or positive, Manoj Bajpayee always has done justice to any role being played.



4 Shabana Azmi

Again another artist straight from the stage of a theater, Shabana Azmi wife of Javed Akhtar and mother of Farhan Akhtar has been performing so well in Bollywood. Her on-screen performance will capture your interest till the end.



5 Richa Chadda

She is a young theater artist. Her acting in the movie Fukre has left the audience speechless. Her charm and boldness in the movie made us praise her even more.




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