A special place in the sky

Airplanes may be faster, but choppers permit you to take the nearby view like nothing else. Moreover, you can precisely land a chopper on top of a building in the centre of a city. Choppers are the new planes!


In “Fifty Shades of Grey” when Christian took Anastasia for a ride in his chopper, it was the best 2 minutes in 2 hours of movie. He totally represented a man of romance and power.


Most of you must know about private and charter jets, but luxury choppers are the real charms. They can easily reach places that bulky jets cant. Having a private or corporate chopper is more environmentally friendly, convenient and a symbol of status.


Fortunately, through the ultimate command of engineering, you can shed side earthly leashes and survey the world from high. All you need is sufficient money to buy your own chopper.


For every millionaire, there comes a point in their life when they actually need a change of perception. After structuring your own island fort and breeding a frenzy of distorted sharks, it becomes hard to see the planet the same way most people do. One thing is for sure, choppers guarantee that traffic jams are for the middle class and the salaried and for the rich, super rich around the world, have a special place which presents an absolute advantage for their manufacturers.




Choppers are well- furnished with all the latest technology, and beautiful interior seating features. These choppers will set you back a fortune, as you can probably visualise.

A chopper is an absolute luxurious way to travel, for those with a few million dollars and a helipad.


Celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Paul Allen, and Donald Trump own them, and this niche market has developed considerably in recent years due to heavy demand from the wealthy. Not to mention, super rich Indians are also keen in purchasing choppers like never before, making India one of the newest chopper markets in the whole world.


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