6 Types Of Shoes All Men Must Invest In, This Season

6 Types Of Shoes All Men Must Invest In, This Season

Blatantly put, it would be an understatement that shoes maketh a man. A rule sans exception this, every man has in one or the other way wondered which shoe to pair with what, or how to look like the sartorially updated dude or the classy septuagenarian who always looks debonair.

With autumn here already, let us take you on a journey through the various types of must-have autumn shoes.

1. Longwings

You can never go wrong with a pair of longwings. Arguably conservative and possessing the capability to look good with any outfit ranging from suits to jeans, they are your classy workhorse shoes. Check out these Longwing bluchers by Alden for J.Crew.



2. Oxfords

Referred to as the most elegant type of men’s shoes, these are classics which can be worn in more ways than one. A necessarily close laced shoe this, oxfords or balmorals have now moved on from  the classic browns and blacks and reinvented themselves in mixed texture and hues of emerald, copper, grey and what not. Throw in a pair of SARTOJIVA's oxfords and there you go, headturner.


3. Casual shoes

The name screams casual, cool and oh-so-stylish. Throw them with a pair of jeans and take a stroll through the streets oozing style with underlying comfort. We love and recommened Adidas Originals' YEEZY BOOST 350 V2.


4. Desert Boots

A dressier version of the sneaker, it can be any dude’s go-to option for a casual everyday outfit. It oozes cool and has been defining style and intelligence for ages now. Check out these wardrobe staples from Clarks.



5. Canvas Shoes

Why go for anything else when you want to dress down off duty and look uber cool? Let the good-old impeccable white or nude sneakers do the talking. This is one such pair from Carlton London will definitely set you apart, even without trying too hard.


6. Motorcycle Boots

When you rule the road with a Fat Bob, make sure you get into the skin of the bike with these killer biker boots from Harley Davidson. Sturdy, manly and oh-so-Harley.


Deconstruct and reconstruct the trends and be the creator of your very own fashion statement.

Fun Fact- The great Dwarkanath Tagore once chose to be clad in a very simple impeccable white cotton outfit and decided to only accessorize his shoes (the nagra) with diamonds, thus drawing the entire attention to his footwear. Need we say more about the importance of footwear?



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