Suspender- For classy and classic men!

Most of the guys are still facing some challenges to elaborate their fashion sense in the best possible ‘different’ manner. Yes, you read it right ‘different’. But the problem is they don’t know how to start it because fashion trends mutate and warp so frequently and swiftly that it’s difficult to follow any specific fashion.


So to keep all your worries at bay, FHM India has come up with some new growing trends in fashion.  For instance, you can try suspenders, try them with a pair of jeans and blazer, jacket or coat, and it will complement your style.


This look is not only fairly casual but also counts in formal, just with the right combination, it will be moderately striking. If you are ready to get this classic look, you surely would want to flaunt this look among your friends. Creating the best look is all about finding the pieces that flawlessly match each other.


Dark coloured suspenders are well to start off with, but the style is meant to show the suspenders, not to conceal them. So, find suspenders with printed or striped styles that drawl the great parts of your outfit.


Explore all the suspender-wearing styles in the following pictures.








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