Tropic Italiano: Dolce & Gabbana Show

Tropic Italiano: Dolce & Gabbana show

The Dolce & Gabbana ready to wear show was a long vacation we’re all vying to take in the South of Italy. The southern flavoured collection aptly named, “tropic Italiano” was that gem of a marriage between Instagram worthy prints & embellishments on modern garments and intricately embroidered luxury pieces. It was reminiscent of that siesta you want to take on the Neopolitan Riviera before you indulge in a gelato and some Italian comfort food. All of these elements you could definitely see floating around in the collection quite aggressively.


The collection stayed true to the themes Dolce & Gabbana has employed in its previous collections: with the 1940s style jackets, pretty sundresses and bejewelled minis among other things. This played well in telling the story of their Italian heritage and all that they hold dear in their hearts. You could definitely feel your mind swiftly getting transported to a beautiful little Sicilian town as the show progressed. The garments were less about following any specific trends and more about getting the big story across in the simplest way possible.


It was a joyful and authentic show, so much so that they’d brought in street dancers from Naples who entertained the crowds in their own clothes and added a dash of the hip-hop feel from their Neopolitan heritage.


We can’t discuss this show without noticing the front row which was swamped with young social media savvy kids, thanks to D&G’s self-proclaimed “Millennials in Milan” arrangement. You could see all the cool celebrity kids, digital influencers and the fashion industry’s beloved young ones in attendance. There was no one above the age of 30 in the coveted front row and it boasted of an expansively cool guest list with A-listers like Sofie Richie, Cameron Dallas, Talita von Furstenberg, Sistine Stallone and many more. To match up with the guest list, the show was aptly filled with moments worth snapchatting and sharing online like the fancy tiaras, light up heels, that rucksack ‘pomodoro’ dress complete with animated looking dresses.


And of course, how can we not talk about that spectacular party of a finale where popular models like Hailey Baldwin, Stella Maxwell, among others walked down the runway in white bejewelled D&G t-shirts with slogans translated in almost every popular language. The designers’ way of paying a nod to the fake T-shirts they can’t stop spotting everywhere they go.

All in all, it was a collection equal parts whimsical and vibrant yet seriously amped up with the definitive Gabbana glamour in place. The silhouettes were a combination of nostalgic traditions modernized with a strong wave of sporty streetwear, perhaps the brand’s way of looking towards a less restricted and more comfortable millennial way of life.

Maybe a more modern and intelligently edgy D&G catwalk is in the cards for us next season at the Milan Fashion Week!

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