Un-Indian Binga

Un-Indian Binga

Apart from loving the sound of the  timber, Brett Lee also has a romantic side that has come onscreen with his debut movie, Unindian . We sat him down to discuss  his cricketing superstition, first hindi  song and much more…

FHMIndia: From picture perfect timber- hitting moments to now movies… Tell us about your affinity towards the camera.

Brett Lee: I’ve always enjoyed being in front of the camera. My first opportunity to do a feature film was a lot of fun. I enjoyed every moment of it and just hope that the movie does well in India. 


So, how Indian is your Bollywood debut, UnIndian ?

It’s an Australian made romantic comedy with a lot of Bollywood flavour and spice. It was fun shooting for it.


Tell us more about the movie…

It’s a really romantic and cute story of how an English professor who teaches culture tries to fall in love with an Indian single mum. And how her family reacts to the love.


How did you bag the role?

I guess the opportunity just arrived at my doorsteps. And moreover, I think they must’ve thought that I was very hungry for the role (haha).


So, you are the UnIndian guy who’s gonna end up in an Indian family?

You will have to watch the movie and find it out yourself!


How is Tannishtha Chatterjee to work with? Did you learn new Hindi words from her?

She is a wonderful actress and a beautiful person. I have learnt a lot from her, from acting to a bit more words in Hindi (haha). 


What was the first Hindi song you listened to?

Oh, it was Muqabala Muqabala ! I still remember the steps that Prabhudeva did in the song!  


What has kept you busy since your retirement from cricket?

I’ve really gotten into my commentary work in India and Australia. It keeps me very busy! And commentary has helped me stay in touch with the game I love so much.


Do you enjoy the role of a commentator?

Yes, as I said, I love keeping in touch with the game. And mind you, talking about the game is harder than playing it (laughs)...

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