Model & Actor, Rajneesh Duggal Takes The FHM Bloke Test! See His Score!

Former Mr India and actor, Rajneesh Duggal is doing one film after another and making a name for himself in the industry. But does he have what it takes to be ‘the’ bloke, as we test him with the manliest questions on earth?

FHM India: Have you ever stared someone out?

Rajneesh: Yeah, someone was staring at my girlfriend at a restaurant and I changed seats with her and kept staring at him all night till he felt uncomfortable and left the place


Ever followed through on an exuberant fart?

Yuck! That’s the sickest feeling. I was stuck in a car once with my uncle and we were on the highway and yes, you guessed it right, I had to go through a series of farts before he finally decided to take a tea break!


What’s the most masculine thing you’ve ever done?

The first time I shaved, I thought that it was the most masculine thing I did. Then the first time I joined the gym and pumped up my muscles, I thought it was pretty manly. But now I think that the manliest thing I’ve ever done is saving a girl from four guys, who were almost beating her to death.


What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever drunk from?

Oh, it was very interesting! Once we were short on glasses, so we finally had to take out a couple of coolant bottles lying in the boot of my car.


Have you ever had a successful naughty video chat session?

Chat sessions – yes. Naughty chat sessions – Yes. Successful naughty chat sessions – Of course, yes!


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