Have you ever wondered why you are never able to lose weight in spite of sweating it in the gym? This is because you have always been enveloped by the sugar addiction all through your life. Who does not enjoy a sweet treat? Whether you prefer having a sugar-free diet or you wish to succumb to your sweet tooth, the amount of your sugar intake totally depends on the kind of diet you follow. The sugar molecules developed in our bodies from the intake of carbohydrates, brings with it a bag full of disadvantages.  It’s a misconception that only sugar coated stuff like candies, cakes and pastries increase the sugar levels in our bodies to a great extent, one needs to know that sugar even gets generated from healthy foods like rice, salad dressing, yogurt and meat to name a few.

Including nutritious and whole food in your diet will not just help you curb your sugar intake but will also make you feel invigorating and revitalised. You will suddenly start feeling very energetic and sticking to your weight reduction goals will no longer be a difficult task. Leaf through the below mentioned plan which is22 sure to help you cut your sugar intake, thus encouraging you to follow a healthy diet plan.



1. Drinking aerated beverages is the major culprit for the deposition of sugar in your bodies. Beverages like fruit juice, milkshakes, energy drinks need to be avoided completely. Apple juice contains the highest amount of fructose in the concentrated form along with flavours which is very detrimental to one’s health. It’s also high on calories.

2. Plan a substitute to these sweetened beverages so that you are not tempted to cheat.

3. Junk foods like cakes, pastries, cookies and chips are unwanted sources of sugar. Sugar content is also found in some healthy food like protein bars and energy bars. You need to figure out the sugar content in all these items. Since junk food is very addictive one needs to slowly reduce their intake to eliminate the high sugar levels and replace them with a healthy diet.

4. While you try to follow a sugar-free diet it is very important to know where exactly does sugar exist and what can you replace it with.

Sugar can be broadly classified into two types namely good sugar, which when included in our diet in small quantities, causes no harm. And bad sugar which needs to be totally ditched out of our diet. Nutritious food like fruits, dry fruits, dates, raw honey, jaggery and pure maple syrup give complex carbohydrates that provides energy to body and is also helpful for other functions of body, while bad sugar comes from refined sugar. Any form of refined white sugar, high corn fructose, all processed meals having sugar is harmful for the body and should be eliminated from our diet. Following a no-sugar diet may be a challenge for people who are addicted to sugar consumption. They are likely to show some withdrawal symptoms like feeling restless, anxious and depression when sugar is totally removed from their diet. Totally giving up on sugar will be a slow process for them. 



Following are some benefits one can derive from stopping sugar intake in one’s daily diet.

  1. No sugar intake will bring about a positive impact to the functioning of the brain, thus resulting in better concentration, better focus and sharpness. It also increases your ability to think.
  2. Sugar intake is the main reason for weight gain which may lead to problems like obesity. With completely eliminating sugar one can reduce weight, the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, hypertension and diabetes reduces to the great extent. It reduces the chances of you catching a cold, cough or fever. A no-sugar diet improves your sleep, thus boosting your immunity.
  3. It helps to avoid overeating which results in healthy weight gain and prevents from nutrient deficiency.
  4. Avoiding sugar helps you maintain energy throughout the day without causing fatigue.
  5. You will experience a decrease in your cholesterol level while your blood pressure and heart rate will head in a positive direction.
  6. Giving up aerated and sweetened drinks which are high on inflammation will help prevent acne formation.
  7. Sugar consumption builds fatty cover around the liver. This is the root cause for insulin resistance, weakening the pancreatic functioning. This will further lead to problems like obesity and diabetes. Swapping sugar intake with a healthy diet will help prevent diabetes.
  8. Reducing sugar intake can give you strong teeth that are free from decays and cavities, thus reducing your trip to the dentist.
  9. Once you overcome your sugar addiction, you will feel better and energetic.



Eat. Play. Write. Repeat!