Behold The Scorpio!

This year E3 had many surprises but none of them was bigger than the XBox–X. Microsoft had been teasing console gamers around the world with Project Scorpio. So when Phil Spencer, the Xbox chief, took to the stage, we were all waiting with baited breaths and a healthy dose of skepticism. 
But when Microsoft dropped the technical specs of the most powerful console ever built, the crowd was awestruck to silence and then cheers erupted from every corner. Microsoft had just done the unthinkable. They had truly revolutionized the console gaming market.
The new Xbox will have a 6 Teraflop GPU, clocked in at an impressive 1.172 GHZ. To give you a comparison, PS4 Pro has a 4 Teraflop Graphic Processing Unit. It will also have 12 GBs of GDDR Memory and 326 GB of memory bandwidth. All to provide the gamers with a True 4K Resolution with 8 million pixels at a high dynamic range with Wide Colour Gamut, and all that with High Definition Dolby Atmos Sound to boot.
And if you want to just sit back for a few hours, the console will also play 4K UHD Blue-Ray movies. Moreover, all your old Xbox accessories and games will work on the new Xbox - X, and will have faster load times. So no more waiting at those damned loading screens!
If you are sold and looking to buy a new console, we suggest you wait until November 7, that’s when this black beauty will be up for grabs at $499.
If you can’t wait till then, or if you feel the price is just too steep for a gaming console, MS just dropped the Xbox-S price by $50. That prices the non 4K version at $249, and these prices will soon reflect in India too.

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