Eight thing we know about iPhone 8

We don’t know what the new baby from Apple would be called. Apple hasn’t confirmed any name for the new phone it has been developing for this fall release.


But from the past names, and Apple’s plans to introduce changes, there is every chance that the new phone will be called the iPhone 8.



2007 - iPhone, 2008 - iPhone 3G, 2009 - iPhone 3GS, 2010 - iPhone 4, 2011 - iPhone 4s, 2012 - iPhone 5, 2013 - iPhone 5s, 2014 - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, 2015 - iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, 2016 - iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, 2017 – iPhone 8 (know what we mean, now)


The 10th anniversary phone is special for Apple and they would like to make the world realise that they are serious about their shit. So here is all we know about the anniversary edition.


1. Two minor "S" upgrades and an all-new iPhone 8

It has been learnt that Apple is working on launching three phones this year and those may include iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and the all new iPhone 8.



2. Curved, edge-to-edge OLED display 

A curved OLED screen is touted to be the biggest upgrade in this year’s flagship. 


3. Virtual home button with integrated Touch ID

From all the leaked images surfacing on the Internet, we have learnt that there will be a virtual home button or they might push the home button on the back of the phone. There are chances that iPhone might ditch the home button altogether. 



4. Iris scanning and/or facial recognition

There are chances that we might call RIP Touch ID soon. Or maybe not. Apple has figured out Face ID, so it remains to be seen whether they want both touch and face IDs.   


5. iOS 11

A more capable Siri, AR software application and screen recording and whole lot of other upgrades will come with latest operating system.



6. Superfast charging via USB-C connection

It has been reported from various sources that the new iPhone will support USB-C-powered faster plugged-in charges.


7. A11

All the 2017 models will use the new A11 chipset that will give speedier performance and better battery life. 



8. Vertical Dual-lens camera

It has been learnt from the leaks that Apple is planning a vertical dual camera arrangement for the new model. 

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