Murdered Soul Suspect

PS4 games typically depict a story line that leaves you awe-struck. With unimagined graphic layouts and an immaculate storyline, one is left to believe that the forth-coming game would be oh-so-fantastic. 8 out of 10 times, this thumb rule assumption works.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is the remaining two. The game’s trailer and pre-release buzz, kept us glued to this title for obvious death, killing and noir like storyline all mashed into one cool title. However, the game disappoints on various grounds, tragically death and killing top the list. Soul Suspect is a classic mystery, starring a lone detective with an objective of finding his own killer and solving the murder mystery around his own murder. The game starts with the death of Ronan O’Conor, the protagonist, being brutally shot and thrown out of the window to relentlessly die on the pavement. He dies of course, but is now a ghost and starts a mission, to collect the clues to his murder, and find the people who killed him. The clues can be tracked and traced by going to the menu – present there as icons, and can be combined or applied to certain conversations to provoke new responses. You’d expect the game to get more exciting from here on. But here’s a clue: It doesn’t. The game lets go of the plot unassumingly. Ronan can easily possess other living beings, and kind of influence their conversations, in an attempt to find out clues. This too, isn’t as easy, but sounds exciting enough. The conversations between Ronan and other ghosts are seemingly more engaging and lasting. But, not all ghosts are potential witnesses to the crime scene. At this point, you should know that most of the ghosts are tortured spirits of one variety or another - they roam in places where Detective O’Connor searches for clues hastily, and fancy him as a treat. The only letdown here is that instead of violence, you get stealth in these scenes.

Verdict The game doesn’t really fit in the bill of action-horror genre we are acquainted with, but it does show you how game producers can be caught on the wrong foot when they experiment beyond their territories. In a nutshell, we would rather spend our time cursing and cribbing about the last season of Californication. Out now on PS4, XBox 360, PS3. Price: Rs. 2,499 onwards.


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