Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

We first got our hands on Tomb Raider in the summer of ‘97. Back then, it shaped the way gaming, especially on PlayStation consoles, was conceived and set the standards for future role playing games. What kept millions, including us, glued to this title was a gripping story woven in a 3D world: series of tombs, wild tigers, and traps that would often lead to another clue in Lara’s quest to finish the mission.


The Gameplay

Now after nearly 17 years, and handful of series later, we got the opportunity to play the latest title. And we bet this is the most definitive edition - with crispier, enhanced visuals and a host of features. The game-play and formation of the story resonates with last year’s title, and one would wonder whether to buy this one. The answer is quite simple - playing this title on a PS4 or Xbox One is not only hair raisingly exciting, but also more interesting with the greater sense of control of Lara with the new controller. The game sees another big change in the lead - Lara Croft - who was always seen as a pistol-wielding superhero figure, is now an inexperienced adventurer. The story opens on an unknown island where Lara and her crew are trapped after being shipwrecked. The game unfolds further as Lara goes from mission to mission that appear more like tasks, to either find or save one of her dying crew members. What really stands out is how Lara’s character has been upgraded with more intuitive prowess, making her more capable. As you go deeper into the game you realise the lack of a punchy storyline has been more than made up for with the mysterious island setting. A bizarre world that leaves you with a feeling that something strange is about to happen next. Lara starts as an inexperienced survivor, who gradually becomes indispensable as she goes from mission to mission.

The Verdict

The game does not fade throughout its 15-hour game-play, and is a definite buy for fans of the franchise and Tomb Raider newbies alike, with the he visuals and graphics being top-notch. This is surely one of the best titles we’ve got our hands on so far this year.


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