5 Experiences Every Unemployed Person Has Had

Whether you are a fresher or a graduate looking for a suitable head start to your career or, an experienced professional who has quit his job in your quest for a smooth transition, one thing that gets associated with your work status and comes back to haunt you is the word- unemployed.

When you aren't working, the perspective of people towards you becomes slightly different. Here is a list of 5 experiences every jobless person has had.


1. The word Vella comes in  

Suddenly, you start hearing the word vella very often. This vernacular slang for jobless becomes your petname for quite a long amount of time. 


2. Forget job hunting, you find yourself helping your mother with all the household chores.

Be it bringing groceries or filling up the empty water bottles, the unemployed chap will be looked down and treated by other family members as the chotu of the house.


3. Pajamas become your best friends

Whether you are stuck in a painful breakup or have bitten dust umpteen times at job interviews, acomfy pair of pajamas never fail during your tough time. They are like a piece of comfort amidst disaster.


4. You become good at facing rejections

It is during this phase that you learn to endure rejections and learn to take better life decisions.


5. You can try your hands at things that interest you

When you don't have a full-time job, you pamper yourself or at least do what you feel like. Be it social work or working out in the gym or pursuing your hobbies, the unemployed phase helps you pursue this part of life. 


If you are going through this Unemployed phase, just hang in there. Don't let the stress and anxiety get into your brain. Something just right will come to you pretty soon. :)

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