6 Reasons Why YouTube Is The Most Favourite Among Millennials

6 Reasons Why YouTube Is The Most Favourite Among Millennials

With the rise of Internet and information technology, we have come across various new platforms for media and entertainment. TV now seems old and boring!


Founded in 2005, the video sharing website, YouTube has been a sensation in the entertainment industry. Sold to Google in 2006, it has multiplied its reach exponentially and has stood up as an alternative to TV. Various experts and enthusiasts from various fields of interests like comedy, fitness, technology, etc. are utilising YouTube to showcase their talent at minimal expense and resources.


1. Television has outdated and repetitive content. The websites like YouTube with modern age policies are monitoring content to allow people to access more liberal and modern content.


2. With its massive audience and its enormous reach, television stands tall in terms of viewership. But in the modern internet-driven age, the younger generation is resorting to YouTube as an alternative to television.


3. The growing ease of access, advertising and marketing over YouTube is better than what we see on TV sets.


4. The diversity of content available on YouTube is far more interesting than what we all have been watching on TV.


5. While the content available on television is controlled by various channel companies and service providers, YouTube enables its viewers and uploaders to contribute to free content of their choice.


6. This wider, liberal and fair platform ensures total neutrality for the quality content to be viewed by people.  



To conclude, the approach towards stating which of the both is better is a bit dubious, what will be interesting to see is which one stays or becomes the part of the modern world’s lifestyle in the coming years.


Freelance Writer @FHMIndia