The Ambiverts: 7 Signs To Say If You Are One

The Ambiverts: 7 Signs To Say If You Are One

You are trying to keep up pace with the world and then suddenly you feel this strong an urge to escape?  Does it happen when the attention and conversations start to focus on you? Do you strike tales of conversations and then alienate yourself from the world after a few rounds of social interactions?

If your answers to the questions posed above are a series of immediate and loud hollers of yes, you are an ‘extroverted introvert’, better known as an ‘ambivert’! This may sound strange and confusing but it is not! A person struggling with this sort of human behaviour is an ambivert. Literally defined as a person with “a balance of extrovert and introvert features in their personality.” Rather than creating a balance, an ambivert personality causes a disbalance in one’s lives. Here are 7 signs that prove you are an ambivert.

1. You can strike long conversations with people for hours, yet prefer to spend most of your time alone. Your definition of ‘chill’ would probably be hiding in your ‘man-cave’ and be alone with yourself rather than hanging out with other people.


2. Talking to strangers doesn’t scare you but hanging out and chatting for long gets on your nerves. 


3. You feel stuck in a group of friends/acquaintances and you continue sticking around them just for the sake of being present there. 


4. Making friends with others isn’t really a problem, but trusting them is. Harbouring trust issues with colleagues at work or with friends in general, is another characteristic on an ambivert. You are struck between the benefit of doubt and your personal relations.


5. You prefer silence over small talks and like to stay in your own thoughts rather than cracking small talks with people just for the sake of socialising. People who don’t know you often start perceiving you as a cocky person. :/


6. Being a team player or a one man army, you don’t have a choice either way. Well, it turns out as a good quality if you observe it closely, a blessing in disguise, except if your neutrality is misunderstood as your arrogance.


7. A touch of Nihilist attitude looms over an ambivert at times accompanied by a feeling of worthlessness. The world around hits in and only a session of self-introspection can help normalise things.


It is perfectly natural and normal to be an ambivert. What is required is self-awareness and acceptance. Staying socially connected while being alienated on a psychological level is what gives an ambivert an edge in perspective over others.




Freelance Writer @FHMIndia