Magnetic Floating Bed #Object-of-Desire


Floating in your dreams was never so easy! Universe Architecture’s Floating Bed is the world’s first non-gravity based object.


Design of custom made interior by architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars (Born 1973), Floating Bed is an art peice invented in 2006. The bed is made of steel and plastic, while industrial-strength magnets in the bed frame and floor allow it to hang 1.3 feet in the air.



The bed, which can support up to 900 Kg, is multifunctional; it could be used as a dining surface or even a place to park your car. There are four wire cables that attach the corners of the bed to the floor—the cables are not there to suspend the bed or give it a floating appearance—they are there to keep it from floating up and away.




Magnets placed in the bed push away from magnets placed beneath the floor, thus causing the bed to “float” in the air. When you move the south pole of a magnet toward the south pole of another magnet, the two magnets repel each other and you cannot move them together. The concept is though very simple which we learned in our early days of school but never thought that it can also be used to create a millionaire Object of Desire, which wil cost ₹ 700 million.

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