Bloke Test - Rithvik Dhanjani

01 Have you ever stared someone out?
Ohh totally! It’s a hobby! People talk the most when they aren’t talking. I love being a spectator to this silent film from afar!

Bloke yes

02 Ever followed through on an exuberant fart?
Haven’t you? We all have had that one moment when the world down there makes you sing the song, Dil ghuun ghuun kare, ghabraaye!!

Not Bloke no

03 What’s the most masculine thing you’ve ever done?
I was asked to fight a bear, I refused because the bear was female and I am chivalrous... Though on a serious note, I haven’t counted. It’s a very un-manly (if that’s even a word) thing to keep a count of the manly stuff you’ve done.

Bloke yes

04 What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever set fire to?
My diet chart! Every now and then... Oh wait, also my fat! I set it all on fire in 3 years... I used to be a 113kg couch potato!

Bloke yes

05 Have you ever growled at yourself in the mirror?
Ohh yes...I’ll do that again as soon as I finish the FHM interview...’Roar’ I did it!

Bloke yes

06 Have you ever shaved parts of your body other than your face?
Yes I have... a body part that usually is full of hair and you usually don’t feel the need...

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Siddharth M Joshi
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