The Comical Con of Golden Kela Awards

FHM: Where did the idea of Golden Kela Awards come from?
Jatin: From an edit conversation around an article to spoof Bollywood films, for a magazine I was publishing back in 2008. I used to publish, Random, a humour magazine. As part of doing a bit on indian films, we thought of creating an awards section . However, we then decided to take it a step up and actually do an award ceremony. The idea was to get some publicit y for the magazine and have fun. We were lucky enough to get Jaspal Bhatti as a guest; he graciously received his lifetime achievement award for horrible film making & acting. The magazine has long since shut down , but the awards continue. We are now in our 9th year.
Why did you decide to call it Golden Kela and not Golden Banana?
Because Kela sounds funnier.
Has any celebrity come to receive the award ever?
Yes we have , over the years, had the likes of Jaspal Bhatti, Cyrus Broacha (he even agreed to host it after winning an award). We had Anvita Dutt accept her award for Worst...
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