Never Say Die: The Indian Ironman

FHM India: How did you develop a taste in art?
Gaurav: My journey to Ironman began in 2015. I was always very much into fitness and was very conscious about my health. I’d been a regular at the gym for a long time. But things started changing when I ran my first half marathon in Delhi. Even though it was just a casual run, I enjoyed it so much that I made it a part of my daily routine. I loved the idea of challenging myself and pushing the limits. That is when it all began and I got inclined towards this kind of sport. The best part was that it gave me a high. I’d heard about Ironman in a conversation with my friends, and I was very curious about it. I looked for information on the internet and made my mind about it. Then I did Mumbai half marathon and did pretty well. This motivated me enough to start preparing for the Ironman.

And you learned how to swim in 7 months! How difficult was it for you?
Honestly, when I went to the pool, my coach had to make me unlearn what I knew and start over. So it was basically a long process of unlearning first and then starting from the bottom. But I was determined and lucky, too, because when I went to the pool, it was January and the pools were mostly quiet and deserted. Also, I used to go to a lake near Delhi to practice long laps. As long as you follow what your coach says, learning to swim is not a very difficult thing. By the time I started, I got myself registered for the race and it was supposed to happen in September. So fortunately, I was ready to do whatever it took to learn to swim despite the narrow window of seven months.

Has the training for the Ironman helped you in daily life?
Absolutely. My endurance is higher, the way I look at things has changed. Since I’ve endured so much pain...

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