Short Chat With X Factor UK Judge, Louis Walsh

Our Short Chat With X Factor UK Judge, Louis Walsh, Before VH1 Telecasts The Show

We indulged in a short chat with one of the judges of X Factor UK, Louis Walsh, as VH1 is all set to telecast the show starting 30th of August with a special two-episode premiere, following which, all-new episodes of the 13th season will be aired every Monday and Tuesday at 10 PM . Walsh has managed star boy-bands from Ireland, like Boyzone and Westlife. Excerpts...


How is it to be back?

It’s great. I love watching the show. It was really well made and we had great fun. I think there’s something for everyone on the show. I really do. I think this is the best line-up we’ve ever had on X Factor.


What about the rest of the time? Was there a lot of talent this year?

Yes. Great characters with some great singers.


Can we talk a little bit about Simon? I’ve never seen him give out so many hugs, blow so many kisses, or wink so much. What’s going on?

He’s on life. He loves life.


He’s really happy this year, right?

He is, so far. Wait until the live shows start. He won’t be that happy in live shows.


Louis, Rylan just said that you bullied Simon into getting him the job on Xtra Factor. What exactly did you do?

I just suggested it. I said, “He’s going to be great.” Simon doesn't really know Rylan as well as we know him because he wasn't there. Story of his life. So Nicole, Sharon and I, we worked with him on the show with Gary Barlow and we know how funny and how good he is and how quick he is. He’s intelligent as well.


Louis, you were also a champion for Nicole to come back. So I just wondered what’s Nicole got that Rita or Cheryl doesn't?

I’ll tell you what she’s got. I think she’s got a great voice. She’s got it. Whatever ‘it’ is. Not many people have it. She’s got it all. She can sing. She can dance. She can act. She works really, really hard. She takes it really serious. There’s nobody better than Nicole. Nobody. Honestly.



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