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Interview with Danny MacAskill

Danny, a professional trials cyclist, shot to fame with his first video in 2009 with a total view count of over 35 million, and hasn't looked back since. FHM joins the thrill with a sit down with the man himself.

FHM: We’ve seen traditional trials cycles and most of them are without seats. How does your bike look like?

Danny MacAskill: I ride one which is a 24-inch street trials bike. My bike’s a little bit shorter than standard trials bikes and has quite a steep head angle. It’s kind of in-between a trials bike, a BMX and a dirt jump bike.

You were nominated for the Laureus World Action Sportsperson of the Year Award for 2015 along with some really big names. That is a huge recognition. How does it feel?

It’s awesome to be nominated for the second time. I’m up against some pretty incredible athletes. To be honest, it’s quite surreal for me, because I come from a non-competitive background like Google vice-president, Alan Eustace. But to be in a room with all those other athletes, it’s very, very cool.

You were a mechanic before jumping into full time cycling. Tell us something about it.

I worked in bike shops for seven years as a mechanic, which I absolutely loved! I have never had the goal of being a professional rider and was always of the belief that if you’re good enough at something the right people will take notice. I’ve been incredibly lucky that things have worked out the way they have!

At the end of the video where you jump into the sea with your bike... that was a pretty steep jump. Did it hurt?

The El Roque drop was really just one take. It was at the very end of the day and we were losing the light fast. I’m really pleased that it worked out well. I slightly over-rotated the front flip and landed face first, but it made for a good shot on the POV clip (laughs).

You must have had accidents. What was your worst?

Probably my longest standing injury is a torn disc in my lower back which has plagued my career as a professional Street Trials rider since 2009. It happened while doing a...

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