Working As A Full--timer Or A Freelancer! Which One's Better?

Working As A Full--timer Or A Freelancer! Which One's Better?

With the concept of freelancing transforming itself into a phenomenon of late, freelancers and full-timers are often found musing about the greenery of grass on the other side. No doubt, both the parties have their share of advantages and disadvantages alike and here we take you through a comparative study of these two ever-merging groups of employees:

1. Work hours!

Freelancers absolutely swear by this advantage. No fixed working hours for the day and freedom to work as per their own schedule, freelancers don’t have to be punctual.

2. Pets/roomies for company vs. the colleagues

It’s pretty much you and your pets the entire day, right freelancers? While that might get a tad frustrating at times, a full-timer has his colleagues for company the entire day.

3. Holidays vs. the Company rules

Freelancers can holiday any day they want. True, a full-timer is bound by the company’s holiday chart but the wait for the holiday makes it exciting.

4. Being your own boss vs. reporting in to someone

Being your own boss sounds fun but working under someone imparts the much required discipline, trains you in a systematic fashion and the experience might even turn out to be inspiring in certain cases.

5. OTs

A full-timer gets paid for each of his services provided. There is no concept of ‘overtime payment’ for freelancers though!

6. Facilities

Companies provide a whole lot of extra facilities, from recreation to insurance to incentives to all their full-time employees. A freelancer is unfortunately, excluded from these.


While you ponder upon the pros and cons of joining as a full-timer or freelancer, let us conclude by suggesting that you choose wisely because both are equally fun.



Anwita Mukherjee is a lawyer by education and has just finished her LLM from Jindal Global Law School. She has worked as a lawyer for a couple of corporate houses and is presently trying to metamorphose into a successful journalist.