I am inspired by the Indian activist and author Suzanna Arundhati Roy

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Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us?


I am the creator, producer, and host of two iHeart and Fullscreen shows, "The Source TV" and "The Chuy and Yenitza Show", with Chuy Bravo from Chelsey Lately. The Source TV is a program that speaks on interesting topics and travel. I am also a two time published author of the book called "Truth About the Fact". Lastly, since The Source TV speaks on international topics and events, I made my own travel site called TheSourceHotels.com, this was made through the company Clientivity.com. You can book discounted hotel rates through my site TheSourceHotels.com.


Who are your role models?


My role models are my parents. Sounds cliché, but they inspire me every day. They have an amazing work ethic, they're ambitious, and they're extremely loving. Aside from family, I am inspired by the Indian activist and author Suzanna Arundhati Roy. Her humanitarian is impressive. I recently was in India in June of 2017. I love India; it is filled with so much culture and passionate people.




What is your favorite way to spend the weekend?

My favorite way to spend the weekend is with people I love. Life is so short and it's fulfilling for me to be with those who matter, such as family or close friends. I enjoy learning new things, as I stated; life is too short. I enjoy learning new things, s


What are 5 things you can't live without?

  1. I can’t live without the gym, because it helps me release stress and keeps my mind focused.
  2. I can't live without caffeine. I'm always on the go, so I need it.
  3. I can't live without a motivational book to keep me thinking of my next steps.
  4. I can't live without a camera, because I love capturing my memories. Surprisingly, I am horrible with social media, because I do not post much, but I do love taking photos for myself as a memory.
  5. Lastly, I can't be without my phone connected to wifi. This is sad, but true! In today's world we need it to stay in touch. I am always travelling and working online, so without my phone connected to wifi, I would not get any work done.



Tell us about your most ridiculous adventure?

I have a lot of ridiculous adventures so I will mention the first one that comes to mind. My girlfriends and I have a tradition to go to Europe for our birthdays. One time we bought a one way ticket to Spain and travelled throughout Europe for a few months. We had nothing set in stone and booked random flights to anywhere we pleased. It was such a great feeling of freedom.


What's the greatest risk you have ever taken?

The greatest risk I have taken was to pursue the realm of art, while balancing my own business having TheSourceHotels.com. Hollywood is a tough industry. One day you are popular and the next you are not. You have to have thick skin and truly be passionate about being an artist. You can see my projects on IMDB.com at Yenitza Munoz and at YenitzaMunoz.com


Do you have a bucket list?

Yes, my bucket list includes to travel the world and to buy my parents a house.



Rapid Fire Questions:


True love or million dollar lottery

True Love


Clean Shaven or Facial hair

Facial Hair


Boobs or Bum



Roses or Wildflowers



Shower or Bath




Who’s she?


Name: Yenitza Munoz

Age: 25

From: Mexican American from Los Angeles, California USA

Occupation: Producer and writer of "The Source TV" and "Chuy and Yenitza Show" on iHeart Radio, Fullscreen, and Youtube (TheSourceTVNews). 



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