About Us


India’s most talked about and largest selling Men’s Lifestyle Magazine.

With a reach of more than a Million readers, FHM is truly the most desired magazine in the Man’s World. Fashion, Fantasy and Fun define the DNA of the India’s largest selling Men’s lifestyle magazine. FHM exhibits both class and new-age swag of the modern man, it’s a reflection of an upwardly mobile and fun loving generation.


FHM India is known for its upward and trendy content in following areas:



Be it the latest Fashion trend to most admired hairstyle, FHM is known to cover and present it content in the most distinguished manner to its readers. The fashion sense of FHM is themost unique and we pride ourselves to give distinct trend as compare to other’s who simply wants to follow others.



We feature everything that a man can dream about, from beautiful women to hot girls, to the sassiest objects of desire. It’s an inspiration to shift base to a better standing, position and personality to own the whole nine yards.


Fun and Politics:

We combine fun and politics and bring out the best of both, be it games of throne or other interesting concept we give the best to our readers.



The right attitude makes all the difference and is also FHM’s one point focus. We develop and present content with an aspiration to garner a lifestyle boost for all men. Real life stories, experiential stints with the most interesting vocations and a badass audacity to try out new things will stimulate you to becoming the funniest dude in your lot.


Speed (Car’s and Bike’s):

In a world where the only concern is a rationed timeline, we promote the idea of the fast and the furious. Cars and bikes regularly slide under our scanners. There’s no time to waste. Take life as it comes and live it like a hurricane. We tell you how.


Sex & Relationship:

FHM demonstrate how to enjoy and appreciate the sinister sides of our existence yet stay away from the dangerous territory of sexism and chauvinism. FHM, give’s an insight on how to be a good partner not only in the bedroom but also what to expect in outside world.


Food & Beverages:

As a continuation to an upgraded lifestyle, we introduce you to the world of fine dining and wining. Masculine debates over beer and the metrosexual suave stirred with a cocktail is a definite winning stroke in a man’s personality.



Music is yet another forte of the magazine. We dig deep into artists, styles and trends in harmony and music to give you a glimpse of a different level of possible stimulation. There’s a secret to getting turned on by music: the orgasm lasts forever.

Apart from above FHM India also writes regularly on Sports, Movies, Art and not to forget the best cover any Men’s Lifestyle magazine ever can with the most elegant and sexiest celebrities in the Man’s World.

TCG Media is distinguished in the publishing segment for mastering the craft of infotainment by producing intelligent and visually appealing content. Attracting readers and aficionados of luxury, art, business, fashion and lifestyle, the company’s portfolio includes some of the most celebrated titles such as L’Officiel (Bible of Fashion), FHM (World’s largest selling men’s lifestyle magazine) and niche magazines like Diabetic Living (India’s only magazine catering to Diabetes) and TransREporter (the largest circulated logistics magazine and weekly newspaper in India).

With a bouquet of niche titles and having an experience of more than 9 years in the publishing industry and state-of-the-art IT, the company boasts of an approximately 92% retainer-ship of the best talent – in a nutshell, we are a one-stop solution for all your needs in the publishing industry.