Quick Q&A with Gail Da Silva

Gail Da Silva


How hard is it to pose in a bikini in front of an audience?  


It’s not too hard... especially when you practice hard. As long as you can do it gracefully and not make it tacky - that’s what makes all the difference.


How did you get fit like this? Great genes or is it something deeper?


I wish it was just great genes. Thankfully, I love working out. I make it a point to do it at least an hour a day, plus there is a very specific diet that needs to be followed - so it’s hard work!


How were you like growing up? Revelling in the attention? 


Sort of. But not in the way that you think. We are a big family - there’s cousins, uncles and my dog. So never really craved for attention from the boys. 



Hmm, Are you a tuff to approach or how is it? 

I think I am fairly approachable and friendly. Just come up to me and have a chat - I love a good conversation.


Never felt awkward growing up?


Thankfully not so much. I have been pretty happy with how I am.


Do you get a lot of unwanted male attention? 


Not so much. I think the sort of attention you get has a lot to do with body language and how you carry yourself.


Does the diet mean not eating anything at all?


Ha ha ha. Not at all. I eat a lot. Especially spicy food. You should come down for a pani puri competition some time.


What do you want to achieve in your career?


I think I want to do something of my own above everything else. Maybe, I’ll even train girls in self defense or something like such.


Are you the sort of girl we can take camping? Or is that too rough for you?


I prefer a balance. Camping alternated with spa vacations maybe.


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