Zoa Morani

FHM: Is Zoa in love with the rainy season? 

Zoa Morani: I enjoy rains, it has its own beauty. Mumbai is beautiful in the rains too. But what I really love is to have garam chai and bhajiyas when it’s raining. It has a charm of its own!

Working behind the camera or in front of it. Which one do you find easier to do?

It’s definitely in front of the camera! I wouldn’t say it’s easy; nothing is easy really. But when you do what you enjoy, it always finds a way of eventually becoming easy, joyful and immensely pleasurable.

Four years and just one movie, was it a conscious decision to lay low and wait for the right opportunity to come back with a bang?

I was working on myself and waiting for the right project to come my way in these past years. During this time, I was enjoying doing theatre. Our plays have been staged at the iconic Prithvi Theatre and NCPA. It has given me a lot of experience and helped me grow as an actor. I’m now ready to be back with a bang!

We have heard that you were actually honing your Hindi skills all this while. How good have you become now?

(Laughs) Don’t you think that any language for a particular art needs tons of practice to grow? So I guess I was and am doing what I must! There is always room to be better and scope for improvement, and hence I’m at it!

So, would you give us some lessons? Can we join your classes?

Sure! I’ve learned very shuddh Hindi but the question is, would you be able to afford it!

Tell us something about your new movie, Bhaag Johnny?

Bhaag Johhny is a highly conceptualised film. It’s a story about karma and the various repercussions we face as a result of the choices we make in our lives. It’s very stylised and the end result of the film is great! I am so happy and honoured to be a part of this kind of a story and am looking forward to seeing how the audience receives such a different concept film.

What are you doing in the movie?

In Bhaag Johnny, I’m playing the role of Tanya, a modern age Indian girl living a simple life in Thailand who happens to find herself in a tricky situation and has no choice but to trust a stranger for her safety.

Which one are you closer to in real life–Tanya of Bhaag Johnny or Nandini of Always Kabhi Kabhi?

I think I was quite a Nandini in my school days. Tanya of Bhaag Johnny is more sober, soft and simple. Although, I’d say, I’m more of Tanya now than before.

Do you have a college degree?

Yes! Bachelor in Arts.

Theatre artists are known to be of serious kind. Are you one of them?

I don’t really know what ‘serious’ means but if you’re asking me about being sincere, then yes. Theatre people are very dedicated to their art and work, which makes them-us-sincere. With respect to seriousness, people close to me don’t find me serious even a bit!

What has been the most embarrassing moment for you?

Oh Gosh! I think there are too many for me to really pin point so I think I would have to pass on this one.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Definitely France. It’s ironic since I have been there only as a child, but from my photographs and the movies I have seen, I really want to go there again and I’m sure it is going to be my favourite!

If you are told to date someone from Bollywood, who would he be?

Wow! I’ve never thought of that really, but Mr Amitabh Bachchan maybe. (Laughs)

Okay. Let’s make it a bit more personal. Where would you want Mr. Bachchan to take you?

Probably to a cute little dhaba for chai and maska pav!

What surprise awaits us if we visit you uninvited?

If you land up at my house uninvited, you will probably catch me rehearsing for one of my plays. You may also see me listening to music and decorating my Krishna idol with beautiful flowers and candles. It’s my favourite pastime and I’m sure that would really surprise you!

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