Time To Move On From Instagram

1. Cup Chair Price: Free Always had a problem getting that perfect 360 degree view of an object? Well, here is CupChair, an easy to use app with simple aesthetics and fantastic utility. Cupchair lets you you take 360-degree photos with just an iPhone and a mug. All you need to do is place your iPhone in a cup and point it at the thing you want a 360-degree shot of. From there, all you have to do is slowly turn the product and move your hand out of the way. Then the app generates the image automatically. 2. Pixlromatic Price: Free When it comes down to editing pictures, this app leaves us with one word – magic. You have several tabs to apply different styles of effect. Within each section, there’s a run of styles to apply and you’re free to move back and forth through the selection and pick the style you want. There is also a “shuffle” button to take a completely random selection of effects and apply them to your photo. So if you want a quick result, you might find it works a treat. Once the image is saved, you’ll get the normal list so you can fire it to Facebook, Twitter or Gmail, besides to its own imm.io site. 3. DMD Panorama Price: Free A slick and well-presented panoramic camera application for Android/iOS, this one features a cool yin/yang sign as a clever means to line up your shots correctly. The app is both intuitive and simple to use, so while there are other panorama apps available, one element that sets DMD Panorama apart is the yin/yang sign, which discreetly overlays the images as you take them. The downside is that you cannot shoot yourself. 4. Lens Light Price: Rs. 55 If you want a little more pizzazz in your shots (who doesn’t crave some sparkles, hearts and sunrays every now and then), then try out this app, which has dozens of quality effects to layer over your shots. You can use this app with every photo you take. Create surrealist landscapes with light from multiple directions, moons (in all stages of waning and waxing), fairy dust and even lightning bolts. To take a subtler approach, add grain, sketch and borders. The effects are customisable, so you change their positions and adjust their vibrancy on a sliding scale. 5. Color Splash Price: Free This app lets you take cool, arty shots by isolating the colour in a selected area of the photo and de-saturating everything else. It’s intuitive — so you can use your finger to add or subtract colour from the photo, or to zoom in and out to achieve the sharpest edge between colour and monochrome. You can also easily correct mistakes without having to trash the photo completely. 6. TRV Photo Studio Price: Free This one comes as a replacement for its predecessor, TtV Studio Pro. TtV Photo Studio comes with beautiful classic viewfinder styles and basic editing tools, such as black and white and sepia filters, plus opacity, brightness and contrast controls. If you are into the square format and vintage effects appeal to you, then you should consider trying this one. 7. PicStitch Price: Rs. 55 Looking to combine pictures into one portrait or add frames to an Instagram shot? Well, Pic Stitch does both. Choose from 32 different layouts and 9 different photo aspect ratios. You can also apply rounded corners, patterns, shadows, and numerous other photo customisations to give your photos some flavour. Additionally, you can open your creation up in different apps like Dropbox or Air Sharing. Sharing with Pic Stitch is simple and reliable. Overall, we highly recommend it for editing and framing your photography.     - Nishant Nayyar      

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