Assessing Head Phones

1) Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H7

The Look: The aluminium headband, covered with cushion and leather stitched over it, catches the attention. The soft as donuts (yes, that’s what my editor calls it) lambskin earcups are in fact quite soft.

First Impression: As soon as you wear it, you feel that B&O has done something spectacular that was missing earlier. The predecessors were heavy on the head, but this one feels right even after spending hours with it.

Comfort Level: Yes, it’s soft leather and it ought to be comfortable. The feel of the earcups are as if you are caressing a woman’s body.

Sound Quality: The sound quality is crystal clear and you can hear every beat of music. The touch panel on the right earcup helps you play, pause and even answer calls.

Sound Isolation: There is no specific feature of sound isolation in H7, but it is as good as any other noise cancellation enabled headphones.

Value for Money: It’s B&O and it’s got to be expensive. It’s worth every penny, if you can afford it is all!



2) Sony Mor 100 ABN



The Look: Overall design is ok, similar to other Sony headphones. There’s nothing exceptional in the first look.

First Impression: It looks good and sturdy, but a little on the bulkier side.

Comfort Level: Comfort level is great, you won’t feel any pressure on your ears.

Sound Quality: Sound quality is amazing, with excellent noise cancellation feature. Sound clarity will satisfy...




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