Banging Wheels

Banging Wheels


Fitness Expert, 50, New Delhi

To make any workout interesting, it is necessary to add a lot of variations. Incorporating tyres in a workout is amazing for fat loss and it affects the entire body. For me, mountain climbers, crushers, squats, etc. are different ways to make tyre workouts interesting and effective. However, while performing exercises with the tyre, it is important to stay focused on form rather than weight.


Television Artist, 34, Mumbai

I’m quite regular when it comes to workout. Cross-training and cardio are my go-to routines. But, I believe you have to give shocks to your body. In order to do that, I keep on changing my fitness regimen every three to four months. Every body reacts differently, and for me, 20 minutes of tyre workout is equivalent to an hour in the gym doing the basic regular exercises. Plus, I enjoy that more.


Fitness Expert, 50, Mumbai

The tyre workouts are sure to add a new dimension to your strength and muscle conditioning program. Adding a tyre to your regular workout routine is one of the finest workout techniques to lend you a full body workout, mainly toning down your muscles. If you are looking at shedding those unwanted calories, blending more than one workout can aid in making your body look as toned as it can be.


Model & Actor, 25, Mumbai

It is actually fun adding a tyre to my workout plan. It is like a mini-sport added to my regular fitness routine. Also, the fact that I like my athletic physique, tyre workouts are great to maintain that structure. Working out along with a tyre helps me in increasing my strength as well. As far as different exercises with the advanced workouts are concerned, tyre flips are my absolute favourites.

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