Changing Motions

Changing Motions

From 70MM to the 5-inch screen of your smartphones, the dynamics of the movie medium have come a long way.

Maanvi Gagroo, Actor

Online streaming platforms have changed storytelling in many ways. They have given you the comfort and convenience of watching what you want, whenever you want. Also, the content itself is changing. Digital content focuses on stories and voices of today. Conversations about feminism, inclusivity, pluralism are all being told by this medium. Movies and scripts that hardly find a space in theatres are now being seen and celebrated on digital platforms. 

Sumeet Vyas, Actor 

I think that Internet and smartphones have simplified the whole experience of watching content. People no longer like to wait for their favourite TV show at home, or feel like going to the theatre every weekend. So now, the only time we are motivated to go to a theatre to watch a film is when it’s a spectacle. For instance, watching a Rajnikant film in a theatre is like watching a concert. It is an experience that’s beginning to get rarer.

Rohan Shah, Actor

With the changing dynamics of the medium, the spectrum of content is widening. Although the experience of 70MM cannot be replaced, web series are a unique exercise in themselves. The kind of story you can tell in long formats is just marvellous, where you get lost in a whole new world. I am grateful that I have been a part of these projects. As an actor, even though my obligations might change, depending on the means, my craft remains the same.

Shweta Tripathi, Actor

I feel being choosy about the projects you want to do is important, as well as the stories you want to tell. The crucial thing is for those stories to reach people, and online streaming has done exactly that. Be it short films, series or even a feature film; digital platforms make it possible for anybody from anywhere to watch it on their phones and laptops.  It is a great time to be an artist in the industry since so much is happening in online streaming platforms. 

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