Minus the Guilt

Eat Right

Festivities should never be a bummer on your healthy diet. Discover the right balance with the help of experts, and commit the sin uninhibited. 

Avni Kaul
Nutritionist & Wellness Coach
You can adopt some easy weight loss strategies during the festival season to keep your weight under check. Start with increasing your daily water intake. It will improve your body’s metabolism, and reduce your food intake as you will feel fuller. Secondly, the festive season comes with the best weather in India, so you can go for a few days of morning walks to enjoy it even more. 

Dr Siddhant Bhargava
 Fitness & Nutritional Scientist    
The main reason behind putting on weight during the festival season is undoubtedly the sugar-loaded, delectable, and high-calorie snacks. Mindless eating and snacking unnecessarily during festivals does nothing but takes your diet plans for a toss. The only way out is to be watchful of your snacking habits. You can satisfy your hunger pangs by choosing healthier alternatives. 

Nidhi Dhawan
Festive season comes along with high-calorie food that tends to degrade your diet plans. The season adds on to the uncontrollable cravings as well. Sweets filled with ghee and sugar contain a lot of calories and sticking on your diet chart is nothing less than a task. But keeping some tips in mind such as following your diet chart, and consuming plenty of water can help you stay strong. 

Antoni Pecora
Fitness Expert 
Festive season is well known for being the destroyer of peoples’ fitness and health regimens. The best thing to manage the weight is to plan and prepare for it. Keep training or at least stay as active as possible. Get it done early in the day before things get festive. Take responsibility for what you consume. Also, don’t just sit around doing nothing, get up and help people in the kitchen, dance or take the stairs. 

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