Polish Off The Sweat

Polish Off The Sweat

Upgrade your post-workout drill so you don’t perspire during your boardroom meetings.

Maahek Nair, Fitness Expert  
I follow simple steps to maintain my post-workout glow. I keep some cucumber cleansing wipes in my gym bag as they are great for travelling. I wash my face with a gentle cleanser as soon as I finish a workout. Next, I apply moisturiser while the skin is still damp giving you that soft, supple feeling. Also, not to forget that beauty starts from within. So it is necessary to eat healthily and stay happy. 

Saumya Tandon, Artist    
I wouldn’t say I look perfect after a workout and there is no post-workout beauty regime that I tend to follow. I believe that just after a good workout, the face glows automatically and one looks fresh. I usually workout in the mornings and I like my post-workout glow after wiping off the sweat. After the session, it is important to wash your face with cold water as it helps you get rid of any blotches. 

Balraj Syal, Artist 
I believe that after an exhausting session at the gym, your body releases toxins in the form of sweat. It opens up the pores of the skin, which eventually allows the upper layer of your body to breathe. It is very important to embrace the natural glow that a post-workout routine gives. Also, I always try to keep myself hydrated before and after heading to the gym. 

Preety Tyagi, Nutritionist
Looking active in the gym during and post-workout is achievable by following some basic steps. Always carry a bottle of water and don’t let you inside dry out due to excessive perspiration. During the workout, wear breathable activewear, which comes with Dry-fit technology. This will help you dry up quickly and keep you looking fresh. Carry a cotton fabric to dab your face and wipe off the sweat.

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