Bars dropped

Bars dropped

Divine spits fire and exhilarates with his flow. As Gully Boy, a film inspired by his life hits theatres, we unravel the persona behind this affable hip hop star.

What are your earliest memories of hip hop and rap music?

I discovered hip hop on a T-shirt worn by a friend when I was in school. It turned out to be a 50 Cent T-shirt and made me all sorts of curious about the artist and this genre of music. The same friend then gave me a CD with about 60 to 70 hip hop songs which I played on my grandmother’s player and I was just hooked! 

How would you describe gully rap?

I would describe it as gully rap only. For years, North India had a different sound and a very recognisable one. It is only over the past few years, Bombay developed a sound of its own. 

Your comments on the underground music scenario in the country.

It is still growing but now more than ever, young artists have a lot of opportunities to be heard and try something new. 

Any future collaborations with Naezy?

Naezy is one of my favourite rappers in the country and I am always open to working with him.

Take us through your process of creating music.

It varies with situations because I am always getting inspired by people around me and the experiences I go through.

YouTube led you to stardom and fame. How big is the power of Internet today?

Oh it is amazing! It has given a platform and an opportunity to share your music and art with the world.

Which is your favourite hip hop album of all time?

I like a lot of the 1990s albums put out by Nas, Big L, Big Pun. Recently, I have been listening to Meek Mill’s album.

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