Manjeet Ral

Manjeet Ral

With new singles coming up, Manjeet is going full throttle in Bollywood in 2015!

Manjeet Ral might have parted ways with RDB, but he is going as strong as ever. He has even come up with the best collaboration of all times...

Excerpts from the interview 

Hi Manjeet, how is life? What are you doing these days?

Hey. Life is all good. Traveling back and forth from Canada to India is taking a toll. But yeah, I am enjoying it.

You have recently teamed up with some of the biggest Punjabi singers to come up with a new song. How was that venture?

Right now, there are different stars! And you know the album days are gone. People are releasing singles after singles. Because with singles, you can get more promotions, you can pump in more money. So, that’s why I am working with different artists. There are not only Punjabi artists but more international artists as we are trying to bring in more international music in India. 

So, what is the theme behind this album?

International music... Punjabi international music!

Is this to give some kind of a global reach to indi-pop music?

Yeah, yeah! Hip hop is from the streets. It’s a culture. Its like saying what you feel through music. Desi hip hop should be a music genre of it own. 

What happened with RDB? Why the divorce?

After Kohli paaji passed away, he was the founder of RDB and he brought all of us together. I didn’t want to create more music under RDB. Suppose if some day we create a music ut people say this is shit as we were supposed to carry on the legacy of Kohli paaji. I did not want any negativity around us. So to leave RDB as a legacy, I left just like Beatles and Black Eyed Peas was abandoned leaving a legacy behind them. 

It must have taken time for you to get back in the industry?

RDB were going strong any way! I am guessing that was twice tough. To carry on and saying I am RDB and then release something and fail. I did not want to tarnish the brand. Rather leave it at the top. That was like the peak of the peak. We didn’t agree on that point. But now I have moved on.

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