Mickey Singh

Mickey Singh

With a new compilation out for Valentine’s Day, he made India dance to his tunes. There is a lot more expected from the man...

As Mickey Singh set foot in India, we got him talking about cars, a special woman in his life, Mick’s Tape and much more. He might be firangi by looks and accent, but Mickey loves his tandoori chicken and Biryani. He even finds Yo Yo Honey Singh a rockstar. And yeah, he told us that there is only one woman in his life, his mom!

Excerpts from the interview

Hi Mickey, what’s the latest that you have been up to?

Hey man, I have come to India after a long time. We have just released a new album for Valentine’s day. It’s a super special song. Plus I wanted to have a look around India.

How was the response to the new song?

Oh, it was amazing. We had more than 2 lakh views in just one week!

How did you celebrate Valentine’s day?

Nothing much man. I just grooved to my new song. Hahaha!

So, there is no special girl around?

No man. I have just one girl in my life and that’s my mom. I am single.

Who introduced you to music? Any guru?

Oh, my grandfather used to play the tabla. He first got me into music. I felt instantly attached to it. I started singing and you know, like the children who are made to sing in front of guests, I was the entertainment factor for the guests in our home. But when we shifted to America, that’s when I seriously took to music. And my aunt supported me a lot. So yes, my aunt is my real guru. She was a dancer herself. So she understood my passion for music.

How did you get started in the industry?

I studied music in the US and started making music and started expressing myself through sounds. When I was 17, I first recorded my song mixed emotions and felt like yeah, I actually did something.

What was the idea behind Mick’s tape?

It started as experimenting with different sounds and a lot of Punjabi songs that I grew up listening to and the sounds that I developed while living in America. I think the main theme for ‘Mick’s Tape’ was to take the classic songs from India and mix them up with new sounds we are familiar with, R&B.

What do you think about the girls in the music industry? The way they are depicted in the videos?

Oh, I respect women a lot man. I think that they are more capable of doing things that men are. They can do things better. Likewise, in music, women are very much walking hand in hand with men. The way they are depicted in the videos is all about how the songs come out. There is no obscenity in that until you make one out of it.

Tell us something about yourself? From childhood to stardom? How has been the journey?

I was born here in India. Just like a normal child, I went to school, had my share of fun, fights and crushes before we moved to the United States. It was a cultural shock for me there at first. But then we lived there.  But I miss India a lot. It has been a good journey so far. But I have a lot to achieve.

What do think of other Punjabi singers?

Oh, they are a really good man. I have heard many of them and they are quite amazing.

Any thoughts on Honey Singh? Have you heard him?

Oh yes, man. He is definitely a rockstar. I have listened to his songs and he is sensational.

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