Bobber the Builder

The bob-job from the stables of triumph is a stupendous machine that reminds of the classic and runs like a beast!



Bob jobs were a thing of the 40s. You’d not expect motorbike manufacturers to return to the classic in this era. But such is the craze for classics that Triumph forayed in the bobber concept and boy, they have done an amazing job.


So, bobber basically means to strip down the body work of a motorcycle to reduce its weight. The front fender is removed, the rear fender is shortened and all the excess parts are ridded off to customise the bike. It was not a factory-built concept, but more of a garage-built model that the hipsters of 30s and 40s wanted.


The Triumph Bobber takes the frame and engine from the Bonneville T120. But that is that. Bobber has been modified to an extent that it looks all new. It oozes the Bonneville concept, and makes heads turn. It is the grunt that the Bobber creates made me a fan of this modern classic.




There are two sides of this bike. One where you can easily stroll around the city without changing the gears much. The torque-assist clutch make city riding easier. What this 1200cc engine does is that it makes the speed in the mid-range the real deal.



The wonderful noise it creates from the twin motors on a speed of 50-60 is just soothing. The bike just builds on you. I have never liked the speed of a bike but the continuity with which it can go for miles. And that’s where Bobber wins it for me.

And yes, there is another side of this monster. When accelerated hard, it reaches the triple digit in no time. And that is something you’d not expect from this otherwise well-mannered cruiser. A twist of the accelerator brings the burbles to life with a continuous meaty chug.


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