KTM 390 Abs

You’ll realise the importance of a fast bike when there is just five seconds left for the traffic signal to turn red and your machine is struggling to zip past the vehicle ahead of you. The joy of riding a KTM 390 becomes evident at this very moment. It’s fast and picks up speed in no time, which comes handy when you are late for work or when you are way past the time you were supposed to pick up your date.

What works- 44 bhp is no joke, especially when it’s cranked out by a bike this light (140 kgs). Even the Pulsar and Enfields have a maximum power of not more than 25 bhp, and weigh significantly more. To put it in perspective, Maruti 800 produced a bhp of 37. Frankly, if you are not used to 0-60 in 2.5-3 seconds, you will struggle for the first few minutes when you flick on the switch and put the bike in first gear. But once you get a hang of the technology, you are ready to rock on not just the highways, but also the packed and bumpy city roads. The monoshocks make it easier to bear manholes and the curve on the seat provides ample back support. The speedometer is helpful and keeps you informed about the mileage, the trip, the fuel countdown, the gear position and everything else you would need. It also flashes an alarm if there is a defect that needs to be urgently looked into. Though FHM couldn’t test the ABS, but the brakes worked just fine even when it was raining. The ride feels safe and is completely settled on the road even at high speeds. Plus, the broad range of the headlight comes handy during night rides. The Metzeler Sportek M5 Tyres, which cost 24K a pair, add a fair amount of poise to the bike, and reduces chances of frequent punctures.

What doesn’t-  Though it continues to be an eye turner, people do confuse it with the 200, and that’s where you feel a bit disappointed. The console is extensive but dull. Another major problem with this bike is that it heats up a lot and that too in just 15-20 minutes into the ride. You feel like you’re sitting on a tandoor. Though the claimed fuel average is 30, which on paper reads just fine, in reality don’t expect anything over 20kmpl. Even the indicators are way too small. The pillions don’t find it very comfortable because of the excessive height, but nice booties look nicer on its back seat. Is it worth 2 lakh Every bit of it. You wouldn’t really get a bike this good at this price. If you are ready to bear the fuel expenses and ignore minor hiccups while waiting for three months (that’s the waiting period for the delivery of this bike), you should go for it.


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