The sinful TWIN

The latest member of the Harley Davidson Street family just arrived to us and this American iron builds on the legacy of H-D Street 750!


There is a perennial problem with manufacturers that carry a legacy of their own – the problem of fighting a strong public perception that its product needs to be ‘just so’. But that’s where manufacturers like Harley Davidson surprise the purists and the newcomers alike.

Harley has a big plan for the next 10 years. The American motorcycle brand wants to add 2 million new riders in a decade and 50 new models in the next 5 years. Woaah! We are in for some real treat. And that’s where the new Street Rod 750 plays an important part in the plan. The new v-twin 750cc machine is neither an edgy sports bike nor a humongous laid-back cruiser, it aims to associate young riders with H-D and the faithfuls to get even closer to the brand. Made on the format of Street 750, the Street Rod is the twin brother which has got more power, a re-worked engine and a lot of style!


As soon as it arrived, the bike looked like a stunner. Chopped off from the tail to give a racer-like design and the front given a bulldog-style persona with straight handle bar and an upright riding position that gives the feeling of a cruiser. From the higher footpegs to the fuel tank, everything seems artwork. Harley has been known for bulky cruisers, they are not the sports bike makers. But that’s where the market strategy of meeting the demands of customers made the American motorcycle giants to sit down and build something that can justify its position in the urban class.


With a wet weight of 238 kgs, the Street Rod is no lightweight. And for someone like me, a 6 foot tall guy who weighs 62kgs, this one definitely made me sweat a lot. But with clever handling geometry and smartly done centre of gravity, it goes well round the corners. The straight handles too come into play when overtaking in high speed.
Talking of the power it generates, the 750cc v-twin, now called Output Revolution X engine generates 62 Nm torque at 4000 rpm. The gear shifts are clean and slick with no false neutrals. And you’d ask how quick the bike is? Well, really quick! The bike responds to every twist of the throttle and pulls cleanly in traffic and you don’t even need hard acceleration do that.

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