5 Iconic Moments from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Jimmy’s birthday

Jimmy Fallon, the man popular for his comic timing and ability to make anyone laugh turns 43 on 19th September. He is celebrated for all the right reasons and has effectively been hosting ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ since more than 3 years. On his birthday, we look back at the some of the most hilarious moments from his show when the birthday boy has made us crackle up into laughter.


1) Michelle Obama showing off her moves in The Evolution of Mom Dancing along with Fallon.



Just like in the first round, Fallon was dressed in matching pink cardigans. Along with Michelle Obama FLOTUS-Fallon performed moves such as 'The Shimmy Twist,' 'The Shush and Tush,' and 'The Getting a Bag from Your Collection of Plastic Bags under the Sink.'




2) Jimmy and Justin Timberlake's flawless sixth installment of the History of Rap.





Anytime Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon get together, we know we’re going to have a good time — and this wasn’t any different. The two stars performed the sixth installment of ‘History of Rap’ and it was EPIC!



3) Jimmy realising after all these years that he lost his chance to date Nicole Kidman.




Nicole explained that she was single at the time and romantically interested in the comedian and reminded Jimmy that he greeted her wearing a baseball cap and sweats and didn't say anything for quite some time before putting in a video game. 'It was bad,' Nicole said, adding jokingly that she wondered if he was gay.




4) Fallon's Prince Story


The entertainment world was rocked to its core last week with the new that Prince had passed away, and many chose to dedicate segments of shows to the singer. Fallon did that too albeit with an absolutely comical story to tell




5) Obama Signs Off




President Obama has appeared on "The Tonight Show" a few times, but Fallon struck gold when he had the commander in chief enter to some sultry R&B. Obama returned to "The Tonight Show" in June to showcase his smooth one more time as president of the United States.



We wish Jimmy a very happy birthday and a fun filled year ahead. Watch Jimmy at his hilarious best on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, every night at 11 PM, only on Comedy Central!


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