It’s Mahesh Bhatt Special!

A veteran screen writer, producer and director, Mahesh Bhatt has turned 69 today. His age is a proof of his wonderful experience of making movies. Not only movies but the beautiful songs in all his movies have never failed to touch the hearts of people. In his career he has given the Bollywood industry so many hits. But these four romantic hits from his movies have made him the ultimate king.


Hum hain rahi pyar ke

In this movie a girl ran away from her house and met 3 kids and those kids decided to help her. And because of them, her love story started. It is simply an adorable movie which you can watch anytime.




A lesser known singer struggling for a break gets his share of prominence when his girlfriend becomes a well known model. Their relationship started falling down when the guy begins to feel hampered by her fame. It’s a very beautiful love story of 1990 which still has its enchanting place in the hearts of the people.




It’s a movie about a girl who relocates to Seoul, and is distressed when a gangster re-enters her life. After the entry of this gangster she has to make a choice between her lover Aakash and the gangster. One should watch this touching movie.



Hamari Adhuri Kahani

A heart melting complete love story, it was a big hit not only because of its story but also because of its songs.



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