7 things you need to know about Book Lovers Day



Big universities like Harvard celebrate this day by raising awareness of books and how to maintain them.



The origin of Book Lovers Day is unknown but people started googling it and prompting Google to celebrate the day in August.  



The United Nations does not celebrate 9th August. They celebrate the world book day on 23rd April. (Bad U.N.!)



Authors like J.K. Rowling freely give out their quotes to celebrate Book Lovers Day and promote reading around the world.



Artists from all paths of life take this day to celebrate books. Kenny G tweeted out this photo of him serenading this book with his music.



Movie studios like Disney celebrate this day because they appreciate good writing. After all these scripts go on to make good movies.



Legends like Humphrey Bogart appreciated book and his Bogart Estate, to this very day keeps this tradition alive.

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