Book Review: A Badass Sita

Amish Tripathi of the Shiva Trilogy has returned with Part 2 of Ram Chandra Series. Where Scion of Ishvaku, the Part 1, was considered entertaining, yet bland, this one has captured the imagination of many and kept everyone hooked. The reason for that is Amish’s portrayal of Sita in this retelling of Ramayan.
In this book, Sita is not the sati Savitri as we have been told in the old tales, but a warrior princess who is an orphan and ostracised from birth. So, it is no surprise that she learns to fight against the world from a young age. As the story progresses, she is chosen to lead the Vayaputras and Malayaputras in the war against Raavan and his demonic influence on the world.
And, instead of playing second fiddle to Ram, she is the one who is chosen by Lord Vishnu to topple Raavan’s empire. When she confesses about this development to Ram, he is the one who decides to play second fiddle to her.


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