Hey bibliophile, I’ve something for you!

Finding the right book to infuse in the magic of this season is all that stands between you and having an amazing experience. So come, let’s get lost in a world made of books and coffee.


If you, like me, love taking walks inside a bookstore, browsing, reading, scrolling pages, I’m sure, you will know how it feels to sit in a reading corner wrapped in a comfy blanket and reading a nice book/novel. 


My dear bibliophile, I’ve made your work easier. I’ve put together a list of great books to read. What’s more, I’ve carefully picked each book from a different genre. So get ready to knock your socks off.


Sex Says | Author: Max Monroe

Reed Luca is a 31 year old free spirit. He is a people-observer. He is a compulsive liar. He is one of those freakish geniuses. He switches from one job to another looking for insight on people, on the human condition, looking for new experiences and chances to meet with as many people as possible.



Last Kiss | Author: Laurelin Paige

Emily Wayborn has made a decision. She might not fully trust good-looking and deadly Reeve Sallis, but he is the one person that gives her what she desires. With Reeve she can at last be herself. Submitting to him is the only thing keeping her firm as the rest of her life falls apart.



Dating You Hating You | Author: Christina Lauren

All’s fair in love and work. The first standalone romance by New York Times and #1 international bestselling author Christina Lauren (Beautiful Bastard) is a sexy, a must read romantic comedy that dives precipitately into the thrill and uncertainty of modern love.


The Thing About Love | Author: Julie James

FBI agents Jessica Harlow and John Shepherd have a past. The former lawyer and cocky Army ranger collided during their training at Quantico, willingly going their separate ways after graduating from the Academy. Six years later, the last thing either of them awaits is to run into each other again–assigned to work as partners in a high-profile undercover sting.



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