Jack Campbell is the pen name for John G Hemry, a retired naval officer who became a bestselling author with modern science fiction, space opera novels like ‘The Lost Fleet’. Even his fantasy series ‘Pillars of Reality’ has become instant classic and now, he has come back with his new title, ‘Vanguard’.


In this futuristic book humans have become a space faring race. With the advent of jump drives and faster than light travel, they are leaving earth behind and, colonising other planets. Some of these planets have even been settled and are hostile to new colonists. That is driving other colonists to seek out planets even further away. That is driving up piracy, human trafficking and other hostile acts in space.

Earth, on the other hand, is war-weary and has taken a step towards pacifism. It is MONTHdemilitarising itself and is washing its hands of the responsibility of its outgoing colonists and incresing number of it’s colonised planets. In this situation a newly colonised planet, Glenlyon, finds itself under attack. They turn to a former naval officer from earth, Robert Geary, to command their force and save them from aggressors.


What makes this setting believable is Jack Campbell’s military background. What is not known to most readers is that the author was contacted by the Pentagon after writing his first few ‘Lost Fleet’ books. NASA and the defense forces believe that his portrayal of space war was on point. He continues to amaze us in that sense. And space battles, including the boarding action of space ships, give us on-the-edge action and keep us coming back for more.


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