Grilling the four ringed man

What does Audi as a brand mean for you?
Clearly it means sophistication and progression for me. It just amazes me how new cars from Audi can excite me time and time again.


If you have to select a vehicle for a person on the basis of their personality which one would you select from your fleet and why:
Shahrukh Khan: A3 Cabriolet, he could have taken Kajol on a romantic drive in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. 
Kamaal R Khan: Probably the A4, so he can interact with the Virtual Cockpit.
Donald Trump: Clearly the A5 Cabriolet for the nice breeze in his hair.
Count Dracula: Very likely the R8 as he has supernatural abilities.
Thor: Must be the Q7 to put the hammer in the big trunk.


You have recently taken charge of the Indian market for Audi. In the past we’ve had someone like a Michael Perschke who was a very flamboyant and outgoing CEO and a Joe King who was liked to stay behind the limelight. Undoubtedly both were very effective in their own ways. What is your style of leadership?

Internally, it is important to empower the team and trust their abilities. Externally, I’m surely not an introvert. I am young, energetic and have a vision and I like my team to exhibit these qualities as well. So stay tuned.


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