Put the fun between your legs!

You have been associated with Polaris since it entered India in 2011. Give us a sense of your journey. 
The journey so far has been exciting and challenging. We have had the first mover advantage and have created the market for ATVs and ORVs in India. Polaris’ range of vehicles is widely appreciated for the utility and quality, throughout the country. And basis this, we have curated special adventure tracks, which are popularly known as Polaris Experience Zones in India, especially for the adventure hungry people. The Polaris vehicles are also very popular among Defence and State Police Forces, because the vehicles can be used for patrolling purpose in regions and terrains where regular cars cannot be driven. 


Ever since its entry into the nation, the popularity of ATV’s has surged tremendously. How are you catering to the surging demand? 
Considering Indian topography, varying from plains to hills, and desserts to marshy lands, snow clad area and coastal regions, the demand for ATVs and ORVs are ever increasing. These special vehicles are not only used for the purpose of adventure for off-road aficionados and HNIs, but also used by State Police and other Defence Forces of India. Overall, we are seeing a robust demand across our product line, which includes off-road vehicles, all terrain vehicles or quad bike (quadricycle) or dirt bike ranger, snowmobiles. All over the world, Polaris vehicles are the first choice of adventure sports lovers, and we have seen the same trend in India as well, hence we have 70 PEZs throughout the country.


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