Breaking The Sport Ceiling

A sportback... and that too from Tata Motors! Quite unconventional and definitely worth taking a closer look. So let’s get down and dirty with the Tigor.


Seems as if it’s been ages since I have spent some time with a Tata four-wheeler. The last Tata I extensively drove was the Aria, certainly a great product, but then, it’s not an easy task to duel with the Innova! And now with the Tigor, Tata is breaking into a body shape that’s always been the playing field for luxury brands.


You can say that with Jaguar Land Rover, Tata, as a group, has already muscled into the world of luxury populated by the Germans. But then, isn’t it fun to get the aspirational stuff into the realistic world? Maybe that was Tata’s thought process behind the design of the Tigor. But whatever be the case, we’re not complaining.


After all, we common folks do deservesomething that’s between a sedan and a boring hatch. And Tigor, my friends, is Tata’s solution to fill that gap. From the design sense, the Tigor is spot on fabulous. But before jumping into adjectives, let’s slowly peel away its layers and get the hard facts out…



In a segment that’s flooded with four-wheelers, clothed in baggy shorts and oversized tees, Tata has chosen a crisp and sharp suit for it’s sportback. It has all the sporty cuts and bends at the right places, but overall it exudes the sharp look that only a suit can lend. The best design feature, and no surprises there, is it’s rear end where the C pillar fuses with the top of the boot seamlessly to give that feeling of a sportback. Even at the front, the Tata designers have managed to connect the headlamps in an extremely synchronised manner with its grill that curves inwards. And those massive fog lamps, not only add to its muscular beef but also work perfectly with the whole suited up package of the Tigor.


Since I am taking some previous Tata products as the reference markers, I can say that with the Tigor, this brand has come a long way in the driving department. I did find the movement of the gear stick slightly scruffy, but in a while you get used to it and it just goes with the flow. What’s really impressive is it’s driving mannerism. Extremely obedient at low speeds and amazingly furious when you wish to leave all that din of the city behind. I wanted to try it out of some mountain curves but had to stick to just some loopy flyovers and the initial response was more than gratifying.


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