And I have said the words… Cute li’l munchkin! I had never thought that I will ever string these words together to describe a car. For me cars have always been about brute power or a sexy silhouette or the pure joy of utilitarianism. But Renault has added an absolutely new perspective for me with the Kwid Climber.


The Climber transforms the regular Kwid into the cool kid in the hatchback community. With its spunky electric blue colour and the garnishing of orange at strategic points on its body, the Climber is definitely a showstopper. All over the car there are markings that make the Climber stand apart, not just from the Kwid, but from every other four-wheeler on the road.


Having driven some of the coolest set of wheels in the country I am used to people gawking away and at times stopping me on the road to check out my ride, but I had never thought that a hatchback would arouse this amount of. Read on to find out why the Force is strong with this one...


There’s no hiding the fact that small cars are pretty fun to drive around in cities. They get you out of sticky jams, let you find parking space in nooks and crannies and also give you the satisfaction of not messing with the environment in a big way. With the Climber, Renault amps up its power game and instead of the 800 cc motor that powers the Kwid, this one gets a peppy 1.0 litre engine churning out 68PS of power and 91 Nm torque.


You can choose between a 5-speed manual transmission and an AMT stick. For our test purposes I got hold of the AMT Climber and I must say that going by the size of the car and the engine, it’s quite a slammer. Of course it doesn’t tear its way through from standstill but then, neither was I expecting it to do so. But considering all facts, the experience was quite nimble and satisfying.


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